Who is Dan?

Dan Thompson is a pro when it comes to guns and guitars.  He’s a pro because he’s on YouTube and he says he’s a pro.  Also he has this cool blog now.  So basically he’s the authority on this stuff.  But besides being a super hero wiz master with guns and guitars, he’s really just a normal guy.  Who makes spelling errors.  And spills nachos on his keyboard.  He should really clean that up.

diy guitar kit soldering

Why Guns and Guitars?

Guns and Guitars are my two favorite things, so I know a lot about them.  But not everything.  I’m still learning, and just sharing what I’ve learned as I go.  I also like donuts and bicycles.  If I start another YouTube channel or blog, that’s probably what it’d be about.  But even more than guns, guitars, bicycles, donuts, and nachos, I love Jesus.  Ultimately my goal is to connect people to God…through Guns and Guitars.

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