This is how to make a high end guitar out of one of these cheapo do it yourself (DIY) guitar kits:

how to build a high end guitar from kit

If you recall from my last review of this kit, once I put it together I wasn’t super pleased with it. It didn’t sound very good, and didn’t play very good.

So let’s fix that right now in 10 easy steps:

45 degree neck screws

Step 1) throw away the strings that came with the kit
Step 2) toss out the electronics that came with the kit

Step 3) add additional 45 degree angle support screws to the neck and body. Putting these extra screws in before the rest of the neck screws will help the neck seat as tightly as possible into the cavity of the body.  Making solid neck to body contact is critical to getting the best resonance and sustain out of your guitar. This is not a necessary step, in fact, it’s rare to see this feature even on 

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